Do you believe…

…as we do, that the murders of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and Veteran Navy SEAL Glen Doherty, Veteran Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods and Air Force Veteran Information Officer Sean Smith were a travesty that cannot be denied or forgotten? On September 11, 2012 these brave men who were abandoned in Benghazi fought valiantly to the end while waiting for help that never came.

Each year the Benghazi Tribute Team of Northeast Florida, a dedicated group of Veterans and Patriots, present annual tributes to honor the abandoned U. S. Ambassador and U. S. Veterans of the Battle of Benghazi. No one assisting with the Tributes is drawing a salary – everyone is a volunteer. You can help too by joining the Team or letting your voice be heard by sponsoring an annual event or sending a donation to Turning Points, 14286-19 Beach Blvd., #120, Jacksonville, FL 32250. See the Donations tab at this website for complete details on the sponsorship levels – there is sure to be a donation levels that will fit your desires.

Checks can be mailed to: Turning Points, 14286-19 Beach Blvd., # 120, Jacksonville 32250.

Your donations will allow Northeast Florida to demonstrate that sweeping this travesty under the rug and failing to be held accountable for the decisions to abandon our Ambassador and his security detail is unacceptable.

Thank you in advance for making a difference and shining the light on these four heroes and those responsible for turning their back on Americans serving on foreign soil. May our efforts bring solace and a sense of gratitude to those families left to cope with the loss of their loved ones.

You can make a difference. We must never forget.

Our heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation to the businesses, organizations and individuals who make the Benghazi Tributes memorial and educational events possible.

Thank You to the following 2017 Sponsors of America at a Crossroads with America’s annual Benghazi Tribute:


Deborah Pueschel


Rebecca and Ronnie Fussell

Hugh Powell

John and Beth Heath

Michael and Pam Jackson of Tetron Engineering Co.

The Resident Community News Group



Bear Witness Central

Cindy and Marshall Wood of Cross Over Jacksonville

COX Media Group

Dr. Lilian and Mauro Gines for the

Filipino American Republican Club

Empower Jacksonville

Duval GOP

Kristin and Hank Heinhold

John Birch Society

John Tolson

Michael Grasher

Military Deals USA

Republican Club of West Jacksonville

Senator Aaron Bean


John and Barbara Sauer

Paul and Hallie Forte


Blake Harper

Convention of States

River City Republican Club


Annabelle’s Interiors & Christmas Shoppe

of Orange Park, FL

Barbara & Jerry Merckel in honor of James Castro, US Army Ranger

CAPT Ryman Shoaf, USN, Ret.

Deborah Bird in memory of Jerry Bird, USN

James Arpaia

Lucille Coberly, ED.O.

Lucina Church

Maxima & Robert Wilson of the

Filipino American Republican Club

Michael Lawrence

Natalie Brouillette

Aaron Bean

Ted Wendler, C.P.A.

The American Flag Project

We The People – Deb Boelkes, Founder